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In 1993, I released " hypoxic training - a way to health and longevity" . It describes the unique system of breathing exercises that significantly improve endurance in aerobic sports, reduce post-workout fatigue in anaerobic sports, burn fat. Amenable to complete (!) Cure all diseases of the respiratory system, heart and blood vessels. Before competition extensive search of steroids for sale is made. It strengthens the nervous system. Developing organism rejuvenation. Now the yard in 2002 I decided to release immediately a series of his works, which were the fruit of all my previous medical practice.

First came my new job, which is called the "fat burning" . It immediately became a hit. In it, I gave a systematic approach to such a complex problem as the fat burning. It was necessary to modify and supplement the book At the request of readers. She has already appeared in print, called "Fat Burning II» . Use discount card to get your steroids online. All his two decades of experience with anabolic steroids and androgens I summarized in a new book "Anabolic steroids and androgens" . The work has no analogues neither we, nor abroad.

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The strongest factor in muscle robe - insulin is described in my book "Anabolism with insulin." In this work I have outlined a coherent conception of the use of insulin in the sport. Do you try to order steroids online before? I am the creator of insulin techniques and know all the nuances of its application. To complete the implementation of the actions of insulin is needed, of course, individual selection. With the help of insulin can not only build muscle under anaerobic sports, but also very significantly improve aerobic endurance in sports. The book described a concept of insulin.

The whole world experience with growth hormone is described in my book "Growth hormone" . It describes how to use the drug with anabolic purpose and its use for the purpose of increasing the growth of people in adolescence and early adulthood. Also described the use of the drug in the clinical practice for the treatment of various diseases.

The concept of good nutrition, both in sports and in everyday life, I have outlined in the book " Power of muscles" . You can ease your trainings if buy steroids online. Sports nutrition products can be used not only in sports practice, but also to treat a variety of serious diseases.

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Achieve enhance anabolism is possible without drugs. In the national ke " anabolism without drugs" I gave a few concepts of using drug-free ways to enhance anabolism. The book caused a good response. I have already issued a revised and expanded version of "Anabolism without drugs II». Lack of steroids for sale can reduced performance.

The book "Sports Medicine" , I outlined a classification of all currently available drugs used in sports, described the modern methods of treatment of injuries, gave the modern concept of management body's metabolic processes.

In the book "Anabolic steroids Phillips as a collection of misconceptions" I explained the mistakes of the famous "steroid guru" Bill Phillips and showed his complete incompetence in matters of sports pharmacology. Although, after reading his book, and I have the impression that it was written from the heart. Just a man took not for their cause. Why most bodybuilders order steroids online? English correctly say: "Even if a person is 10 times was on the operating table, it does not mean that he's can do operations." How to Phillips did not use steroids during his sports performances, it does not mean that he may appoint other steroids.

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